Borderline: A Misunderstood Individual

I have decided to write a book. Not my usual fantasy stuff, but one detailing my experiences living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Loads of people seem to write about living with people who suffer from it, but having looked around, there are no books about it from someone who actually suffers from it. The only thing there is is a film called Girl, Interrupted. However after watching this film, it shows that you can recover from borderline. Now having spoken to numerous people about this, Borderline is incurable. It is something that me, and thousands of others will have to learn to deal with.

Although I am not yet a published writer, I do have short stories that I have written over the years, and have been advised to get published. But before I get them published however, I would rather let people know the suffering I go through on a daily basis because of my mental health. The problem with Borderline is that people always seem to think that the person suffering is attention seeking, when this is not the case. But all of this is something that will have to be read in the book. I have decided that I won’t be one of these authors that is going to charge for this, I want to help people with my experiences, and open peoples eyes, so I will publish it on Amazon, but I will also send people copies of it via email if they wish me to do so. I want to be able to try and change peoples views on this, as there is a lot of stigma attached to this condition, and not a lot is known about it either. In America they are further ahead in research into this than they are here, which makes me want to move out there just to get the help I need to live with this.

But if anyone would like a copy, then please feel free to comment below


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