Spa Weekend

Well I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. I went to a really nice spa in Brighton called Bristol Gardens Health Spa (or BGHS for short). It is a naturist spa, however is more like a brothel than anything else!! When you go in there it looks like an amazing place. You get handed towels, and told to change them whenever you wish. If it is your first time there they show you round the place. When you go through there is a little bar thing where you get clean dry towels from and glasses of water. They then take you down into the spa, and my Lord what I saw was NOT what I was expecting. There were naked people everywhere!! I thought you had to wear your towels everywhere in the place. It was my kind of heaven, but Sebb felt a little self conscious there. They had a Jacuzzi, two small hot tubs big enough for two people, one big hot tub, a plunge pool, numerous showers (including one shower that only had a very cold setting to it incase you got too hot), they also had two saunas and two steam rooms (both of which were of different sizes and temperatures). When you go upstairs, they have a rest room area, and this is where all the ‘fun’ happens. When Sebb and I went in there after our tour, it was full of people having sex, and there were threesomes going on too!! The first time that we went there, we didn’t get involved as we were only there for about 2 hours, however the second time that we went there we got really stuck in if you know what I mean ;). We had a 4 way with a couple, and then an orgy with a few other couples!! Sebb was looking to have a threesome, but I was more looking for couples, and my Lord did my wishes come true ;P. If there is anyone out there that is considering trying anything like this? My advice to you would be to go there. It is such a relaxed environment there on the weekend, and everyone is so friendly too. I am looking forward to going back there at some point.


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